"Thanks so much for arranging and directing a wonderful safari. I really learned a lot and was able to get quite a few photos to use for my portfolio."

Karen Dorame

Executive Director, Special Kids Photography of America - St. George, Utah

"This trip was a great learning experience for myself as well as a good time spent with new & old friends. Relationships in our business are sometimes few & far between--everyone at this workshop added something special."

Kip Cothran

Murrieta, California

"The planning and interaction with these beautiful Navajo people and their sacred land couldn't have been done any better. It's a lot to put together, and it was very magical. You didn't interfere with the spontaneity of the experience—you let things flow."

"The value I received was invaluable... it's hard to put a price on a life-changing experience!"

Lauren Janson

Glorieta, New Mexico

"Southwest Photo Safaris provide unusual value in two ways:

First, the instructors give us an 'in' to an area and culture that is little accessible to the outsider. Second, to fulfill the desire of each photographer to do hands-on, important work, and go home with valuable imagery of their own."

"These instructors really know how to guide us to the right areas at the right times of day for the best effects—and, then bring Native models to people in the landscape..."

"There's no rush or limit, just the constraints of nature and how many hours you can stay awake at one time—there was so much to do."

Sara Frances

Denver, Colorado

"I've actually won a number of awards in local competitions, including the Colorado State Fair with photos I took during your workshops, so I guess I can honestly say I was successful."

"What impressed me the most was the tireless work by Carmen in arranging the various photo opportunities. Carmen, her models, (she's got a lot of grandmothers), and locations made the workshop."

"You can tell by all the mileage I got out of my photographs that the workshops were a great value for the time and money invested."

Eric A. Wulfsberg

Fine Art Photographer - Colorado Springs, Colorado

"I liked the fact that you provided a clear itinerary while still being flexible. We had amazing access to the canyon. Thanks, Carmen!"

"The knowledge of the group was clear. The talk on portrait photography that Tim gave the models was very interesting to us photographers as well. There was much to absorb."

"Driving my Hummer in Canyon de Chelly in an experience that I will probably never equal!"

Rich Humphrey

Telluride, Colorado

"I was so impressed with the locations, accessibility to the leaders of the safari, and the generosity of spirit and kindness of the Navajo people."

"The amount and variety of subject matter provided was very adequate and spaced out quite nicely. The amount of time we got to spend with each subject was also good."

"I am very appreciative of your efforts to provide each of us with a great learning experience. The workshop exceeded my expectations."

"You were willing and able to improvise under a day of adverse weather conditions."

Henriette Brasseur

Novato, California

"Great to recharge your batteries and learn to see the light. Take the time and just do it!"

"The light in the slot canyons was amazing as was your guidance in helping me capture some awesome images."

Ralph Allen

Washington State, 2001

"These folks really know the best locations and have the connections to get there. If you can go... GO! You'll be happy you did."

Grant Usell

San Diego, 2001

"A great week of camaraderie, photography and knowledge. Upper and Lower Antelope canyons are an amazing place to photograph and spend time there. If you need a recharge of creative energy in landscape photography this is a must. If you have never been to the land formations of the northern Arizona desert you shouldn't miss the opportunity. You will learn to see the light in the canyons. Of course, it helps having three masters teaching and guiding whenever we needed them."

Mike Lee

Orange County, 2001